Powerhouse Gaming Laptops For 2018

For gaming addicts out there we take a look at some of the best gaming laptops to be released this 2018. A team of experts from TrustedReviews tries to be impartial and honest with this list so that you can come up with the best decision when it comes to choosing which one is best for you.

Tests have been performed by putting every gaming laptop through a series of repeated tests using synthetic benchmarks. The performance will also be observed while doing real-life gaming using the largest triple-A games. Synthetic tests with the battery in Powermark are run with 10-minute web browsing and 5 minutes of video to check battery life, heat and noise.

Gigabyte Aero 15

This is the expert’s pick for the best overall laptop in the market today. It is a very lightweight gaming laptop that does not leave buyers asking for more specs.

Even if it weighs a mere 2.1kg, the Gigabyte Aero 15 has an Intel 8th Gen CPU and a powerful GeForce 1070 GPU. This combination gives you a laptop that is more than enough to power 1080p gaming but light enough for you to carry easily wherever you go.

It has silent fans when in operation and it can cool down the laptop when using it during long hours of gaming.

The only downside that reviewers noticed was the keyboard and trackpad, which is not the best for gaming purposes. If you choose this laptop, it would be best to invest in a proper gaming mouse. It also stammers on occasions and has an awkward looking webcam.

Despite the pros and cons, this is still the best gaming laptop to be released this 2018.

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming

This the cream of the crop when it comes to gaming laptops from Dell. It is the best built so far and features a long battery life. It gives fast processing performance with eSports games like Overwatch. It can manage the latest AAA games at Full HD with Medium settings.

The downside would be the poor screen quality and it is quite bulky to carry around. If your budget permits, it would be better to invest in the higher end 4K model for more performance.

You can buy the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming for $1,049

Gigabyte Aorus X5

This laptop is full of features that will allow it to handle 1080p gaming like a pro. It is powered by an overclocked Core i7 8850H chip with a GTX 1070 graphics card with 16GB of DDR4 RAM. The CPU will run at a standard 2.6 GHz or 4.3GHz that allows the unit to handle the latest AAA games, even with graphics on high or ultra settings without any pauses.

The RGB keyboard is also a huge fan favorite for gamers that like to come up with game control schemes or show off success with a flashy light show.

The only downside is the laptops lack of 4K resolution or GTX 1080 GPU options. For gamers who want this added punch, you will need to upgrade to the X5″ higher end models or choose a different brand altogether.

You can buy the Gigabyte Aorus X5 for $1,917.

Asus ROG G703

If you prefer a large and bulky gaming laptop that does not compromise on performance, then the Asus ROG G703 is the one for you. It has a fantastic gaming performance due to its’ overclocked processor. The bright and accurate screen shows exceptional build quality and the memory is also generous for storage. It also features a cutting-edge full-sized keyboard that beats most of the competition. Ports are all over the place and cooling is quiet and effective.

The downside is its heavy 4.8kg  and bulky design and hefty price tag